Life After Serving
Get the support and resources you need to powerfully transition into civilian life
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What's inside the course
How to get a job & take care of your finances while finding your true calling & mission.
  • Getting clear: how to identify your passion and purpose
  • Making a plan: steps to take to land a job
  • Writing you resumé: templates & guides for translating your military service
  • Marketing yourself: how to network & use tools like LinkedIn
  • ​Getting help: working with recruiters & mentors
  • Making a financial budget: how to survive while you figure out your life game plan
  • Why?: how to think about working for someone else vs yourself
  • Coming up with ideas: where to look great lifestyle & small business ideas to make money
  • ​Market research: how to test ideas before spending money & time
  • Setup: how to setup your business entity, accounting, etc.
  • Planning for success: how to budget and build your business without breaking the bank
  • Marketing: how to create your website, online store, logo, etc. & how to start generating sales
  • Growth: how to hire help & scale
  • Why?: your success depends on your mindset and emotional health
  • Daily routines: learn the habits that will help you succeed
  • Turning fear into success: how to process emotion and turn baggage into motivation
  • Getting help: community & cutting-edge resources for optimal emotional health
Air Force veteran, father of 4 boys, husband and entrepreneur. Host of the podcast, Getting Real with Josh Boyer
"After working for corporate America for over a decade I decided to bet on myself and become an entrepreneur. I am married to an amazing woman and am the father of four boys and one chocolate lab, Macie! I have had 6 back surgeries and recovered from a severe opiate and benzodiazepine addiction. I am obsessed with the mind/body connection.

My true passion is helping other men and women overcome their addictions, fears, and challenges to find their true power and purpose." ~ Josh

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